Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So...it's been a long time

I have no excuses really for neglecting the blog, just that the longer I went without updating it the harder it got to sit down and try catch up.
It finally dawned on me it had been too long and it was time to sit down and trawl through the photos I had taken and finally upload some...although there were far fewer photos than I expected, it seems I have been neglecting my camera just as much as my blog recently!

So here is a little of what has transpired over the last 2 months:

Lots of conversations with the local chicken whisperer

 Easter happened...yes...it has been THAT long!

 We have had a variety of visitors, some of whom I did manage to get a pic of

 Puppies have grown

 We made a trip up to the big smoke and spent Father's Day with family

 And then made the trip home again
 We've enjoyed the warmth of the sun in winter

 My Mom has done a fantastic job in the veggie garden and it's yielding up treasures every day

 And I managed to finish a few different knitting and crochet projects, including the baby blanket which was my first granny square project.
Laying out the squares
 All done
And a little hat with the scraps
And when the eldest asked for a scarf how could I refuse...so I made a cowl for him, and it was worth every moment I spent on it as he has hardly taken it off since :)


  1. Nice to catch up. I've been wondering how you guys were doing.. :)

  2. Thanks Lee, great to see you blogging too!