Friday, July 20, 2012

So...4 months

Earlier this week it came to our attention that someone was already 4 months old!
I can't believe it!
So he is sitting quite nicely for his age, but still needs some cushions about for balance.
He's definitely come on leaps and bounds in the last week or 2 with his finer motor skills, picking up things, putting them in his mouth etc.
He now sucks his thumb occasionally
Oh boy do we have drooling!!!  I wonder if those teeth are not far off, the other 2 got their first teeth between 4 and 5 months?
He says hello quite nicely
He giggles and laughs and is quite ticklish
In tummy time he nearly can get up on all fours
He can roll from front to back, but not the other way round yet

I think that's all the milestone-ish stuff out the way, besides that he is just the gentlest, most beautiful old little soul and he makes us all happy!

Practising sitting!

 Going for a walk

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