Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So...Flying through Space & Time

 We have SO many toys, it's really kind of ridiculous...I can't even figure out how we got so many!
And what do the children play with?  Oh things like pipes, wooden spoons, boxes & chairs...the only thing the toys seem to be good for are for making an almighty mess!

But I do love watching how the most ordinary, every day things are utilised and incorporated into the most imaginative play!

Here are the Littles flying through space, Evie is the pilot and Bear is Knight defending the universe,  and is fighting any bad guys that get in their way.
And they can do this ALL day.
It makes me smile...well, at least when I'm not tripping over them :)

And #Bang, well he just has the most beautiful smile...
...and deep blue eyes!

Other than that we had some exciting stuffs happen yesterday, well exciting for a parent anyway :P

Our Evie decided to wear underpants for the day...and after a few false starts (one where she tried to wee like her brother in the garden but actually just stood there and wet her pants...lol), finally right at the end of the day I heard those words every parent wants to hear "I wee in the toilet Mom"...so we raced off, I sang her songs (the only way to keep her sitting) and finally was rewarded with the tinkle tinkle of her very first wee in the big toilet :D
We're hoping this means she's ready to start ditching  the nappies!

And Bear, well he asked if he could cut out...he uses scissors perhaps bi-annually (his choice)...and low and behold he was cutting beautifully so I suggested he may want to cut some pictures out of a magazine.  Which he went on to do just perfectly.  So seems we've got those all important scissor skills other parents keep telling me about under control after all :P

Looks like everyone is getting so big!

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