Monday, July 2, 2012

Unschool Mondays - Buttons, Bits & Bobs

I'm joining in with Owlet's Unschool Mondays  and am going to share a little of our last week.

Early on in the week I was busy with some crochet hats for a client and needed a button.  I tried to sneak off to look through all my buttons undisturbed but I was unsuccessful...the kids caught me and were soon clamouring for button play time!
Buttons are a big hit in my house, I have a nice big tub that I'm always adding to.  I pour them out into a tray, provide cups and containers to sort them out into and needles & thread to string them out.
This time both kids decided to make snakes :)
Buttons are good for all sort of learning
We have our fine motor skills with the threading.
Then there is the sorting & organising skills - sorting the buttons into colours, sizes, ones with 2 or 4 holes etc.
Evie is still learning colours so obviously finding buttons of the same colours helps there.
They are also useful for maths - Bear has recently discovered the idea of addition and subtraction and is employing it everywhere....if he has 7 gummi bears and eats two then he only has 5 left :D.  
So sums with the buttons are fun too...3 blue ones and 2 yellow ones means we have 5 more to add to our snake!
We also got these cool light sticks in some party packs.  They were a huge hit! Pity the quality wasn't so great, but we had loads of fun while they lasted.  The kids discovered that if you move them around fast enough in the dark they leave a light trail...and we had fun taking some photos of them!

Dad had a go too!

 Then I came across some nice colourful pens during my grocery shop.  As my kids prefer to draw with pens at the moment I decided to buy them...add to that the stickers from our earlier mentioned party pack and we had our art covered!

 Evie ready and showing me how beautiful she is.  And the style is all her, she is seldom without a bag these days stuffed full of her bits and bobs, and for some reason both of the children have taken to wearing headbands...I don't ask questions :)
 Our supplies
Hard at work
And afterwards Evie had fun matching up the right caps with the right pens and asking me what all the colours were...she's definitely showing more interest in learning her colours this week!

This is not everything and this is not all, it just happens to be what I managed to snapshot.  One thing is for sure, there's lots of fun & learning to be had in the littlest things!


  1. Those lights are awesome! Did you see our twirling fun we had on Saturday? (see my blog post just before unschool Monday :) wr're big fans of twirling LED glo poi at night here.

    You've inspired me to get button jewelry making my my girls. Thanks! We need more inspiration in the wet wintry weeks.

  2. Thanks Sazz, loved seeing your LED poi!!!