Monday, July 30, 2012

Unschool Mondays - A Bouquet of Reasons

When I think about why we're choosing alternative methods of education I can come up with a lot of reasons...a whole bouquet, full of interesting and colourful blossoms.

 And a lot of these flowers aren't the ones people may expect to see in the bouquet.  For instance we are missing Carolina Jasmine (separation), Eucalyptus (protection) & Candytuft (indifference).

Rather, our rag tag, hand picked bunch includes one of my favourite gifts from my husband, collected on the side of the road on his way home to me - cosmos (joy in love & life), along with daffodils (new beginnings), chrysanthemum (truth) and Sorrel (parental affection).


To me our bunch has always been beautiful and free of fear.

I certainly never invested in any Oleander (beware) & Lavendar (mistrust) to include in the display, and we intentionally tried to avoid any.
(Lavendar & White Oleander)

But just the other day I was arranging our bouquet while watching an enlightening video on OBE (or Outcomes Based Education)and I caught glimpse of what may just be some of these flowers in our bunch.
Just a bloom or two...
...And while they aren't all bad/ugly, I hope we remember to weed them out if they get to prolific because they were never intended to be a part of our bouquet.
Perhaps sometimes though it's prudent not to approach everything with rose-tinted glasses, and perchance there is a good reason we don't want to expose our children to certain things.

The video I watched was a talk by Peg Luksik called Who controls our children in which she explains OBE and how it works in the US.  Considering it has also been used where we live (a complete failure academically) and is currently being revised, it's certainly food for thought.

Have a look...or have a listen, the actual video isn't so great but the audio is perfectly fine...and let me know what you think!

*thanks to The Language of Flowers - a Miscellany by Mandy Kirkby for the flower references*

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