Monday, September 10, 2012

So...if at first you don't succeed - fingerpaint!!!

So do you ever meander the web and come across those ideas that just look like so much fun that you're convinced enough you need to try them out yourself?

And then they completely bomb?

That was me a week or two back when I finally got my shizz together to try out something awesome I found on pinterest.
I had some small daydreams about exited children, teaching the alphabet, reinforcing colours, and a whole lot of learning stuff type things.
 It involved paint in zip locked bags so there would be no mess (definitely my favourite part),  and then with the use of earbuds we were going to scribble away, erase, and scribble again to our hearts content.
I carefully gathered the bits I needed and on the momentous day hyped up the children, grabbed my camera, started snapping...and about 30 seconds into it my eldest loudly exclaimed...

..."this is sucky mom.  It's stupid"
*gasp - not the unsaid swear word that has been banned from house and home*

See it was all good and fun mushing the paint together in the ziplock bags, but when we tried to use out earbuds to draw and write letters in it...well what can I say...absolutely nothing happened.

 It actually was kind of stupid.

Disappointment wafted through the air.

We tried more paint and less paint and white paper under the bags - all the better to show up Mom's desperate scribbling...but it was like a bad dream where no matter how hard you try you just make no impression whatsoever on the scene playing out (you know the one where you scream and no one can hear you...or you run but you can't move).

Who knows what we did wrong, perhaps our paint just wasn't thick or thin enough?

Finally I too was heard muttering the forbidden "S" word but when I glanced up the disappointment in my children's faces was too much to bear.

So I broke my golden rule with regards to paint (as in don't let any small child have any kind of open access to it), dragged the whole lot outside, cut open the plastic bags and let them loose.

What can I say but it got worse and the paint started getting on my camera so it was time to pack it away BUT the giggles and laughs were well worth it

P.S.  We survived, most of the carpet did too (there were some unauthorised dashes towards the loo) and the bath is basically paint free a week or so on :)


  1. What a pity that it didn't turn out as planned. When I saw the first pic, I thought wow, what a great idea!

    Oh well. At least they got to have some fun with the paint outside so it wasn't a total waste :)

  2. lol, I also thought it was going to be such a cool activity...oh well :)